Hokuto no Ken 7 [SNES] – play as Fang (flawed)


This is a demonstration of Fang in the SNES game Hokuto no Ken 7 / Fist Of The North Star 7. Read on for more information…

Fang is one of the bosses, and is an unplayable character.

As you can see in the video, it’s clearly obvious on why he isn’t meant to be controlled, because like Heart, he is completely littered with flaws all over the place! His basic moves are flawed, even his walking and jumping are messed up as well. Tapping LP repeatedly produces a Kenshiro scream with messed up sprites, which suggests his character was ‘built’ on top of Kenshiro’s data. His ‘super move’ freezes the game. Some moves will completely screw the whole screen up.


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Hokuto no Ken 7 [SNES] – play as Fang (flawed)