In-Depth: How Computer Cases Are Made | Lian Li Factory Tour


Our Lian Li case factory tour shows how computer cases are made, from start-to-finish, and walks through all the machinery and case tooling.
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Lian Li’s case manufacturing facility is located in Taiwan, which we visited for Computex 2018 in Taipei. Lian Li’s factory gave us an opportunity to see exactly how PC cases are made, something we’ve previously seen at In Win and NZXT facilities in Taiwan and China, respectively. Chinese and Taiwanese factories handle most of the industry’s manufacturing, including manufacturing for motherboards, GPUs, coolers, and more. For Lian Li, its operation has been expanding and improving in the quality of machines used, alongside growth of the level of automation for the factory.

Lian Li is well-known for the O11 Dynamic and O11 Air (made in China), its table chassis, Bora fans, and more.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman + Keegan Gallick


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In-Depth: How Computer Cases Are Made | Lian Li Factory Tour